WSE-3100 PowerStation Ghibli I
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    Purpose and Application

    • ElectrophoresisFor high speed mode electrophoresis SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE etc.
      Polyacrylamide gel/Agarose gel DNA electrophoresis
      Isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (IEF) of protein etc.
    • Blotting
      High speed mode blotting
      Semi-Dry blotting
      Wet blotting etc.


    • The World’s first Touch panel control!
      Simple operation with big touch color screen
      Operation system with a latex glove
    • Big screen color display
      Set value · Output value · Timer · Error · Graph display etc.
      Easy to control with a simple menu screen
    • Broad output range
      Voltage 0~500V , Current 0~3000mA
      Available with High-speed mode electrophoresis and High-speed mode blotting
      Isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (IEF) of protein
    • Simple operation
      Manual mode: only to input current (or voltage) under constant current (or voltage) setting
      Method file mode: Select condition from the saved file list, Able to save 20 files: 1 file for 9 steps (Auto switching step)
      Easy mode: Self Select SDS-PAGE, Blotting, etc.
    • Other functions
      Detect an error with display on screen · Alarm notice
      Output pause: it is able to change set value during output operation
      Output graph: Able to check a Graph display of actual output values
      Power fail recovery
      Display an animal on screen during an output operation

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    WSE-3100 PowerStation Ghibli I
    SettingVoltage: 3-500 V (1 V step), Current: 10-3,000 mA (1 mA step), Power: 1-200 W (1 W step)
    Output rangeVoltage: 0-500 V, Current: 0-3,000 mA, Power: 0-200 W
    AccuracyVoltage 151-500 V: ±2%+4digits, Voltage 51-150 V: ±3%+4 digits, Voltage 0-50 V: display value±1.5 V
    Current 301-3,000 mA: ±1%+5digits, Current 0-300 mA: display value±3 mA
    Timer1-999 min, Count down, Timer ON/OFF
    Display operation7 inch color screen pressure sensitive touch panel
    OperationConstant current, voltage, power / Cross over, Manual mode, Easy mode, Method file mode: 20 files available, 1 file for 9 steps (Auto switching step)
    Safety functionOpen, short and other types of abnormality detection / error display, alarm
    Other functionsPause, Graph display of actual output values, Power fail recovery ON/OFF
    Safety condition0-40℃, 20-90%RH (Not acceptable condensation)
    PowerAC100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Output terminal4 groups parallel output
    Dimension119 (W) x 417 (D) x 224 (H) mm
    Weight6 kg