EpiQuik Nuclear Extraction Kit - 100 Extractions

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    EpiQuik Nuclear Extraction Kit - 100 Extractions

    The EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction Kit is a complete set of optimized reagents to provide a simple and selective method for isolating nuclear proteins used for a variety of applications in just 60 minutes. These applications may include Western blot, protein-DNA binding assays, nuclear enzyme assays, and any other procedures requiring optimized nuclear proteins. The protocol is fast and easy-to-use, and also isolates very abundant yields of nuclear extract from mammalian cells or tissue samples. The kit is also specifically designed to meet the requirements of nuclear extracts used in various other epigenetic products from Epigentek, including DNMT, HDAC, and HAT assays. Some of the kit's highlighted features include the following:

    The EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction Kit has the following highlighted advantages and features: 

    • Fast - Pre-optimized and simple step-wise 1-hour protocol.
    • Convenient – The kit includes all essential reagents to carry out a nuclear extraction.
    • High Yield – Total yield can be up to 100 µg per optimal extraction (results may vary depending on cell or tissue type).
    • Consistent - Standardized procedure for reproducible results.
    • Quality Controlled – EpiGentek guarantees the performance of the EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction kit in the manner described in the provided product instructions

    Nuclear extraction is the procedure of parting the nuclear and cytoplasmic portions of the cell. The process can be beneficial in examining the molecules that specifically interact with the nucleus, such as transcription factors which bind DNA.

    Effective nuclear protein extraction is a vital step in applications revolving around nuclear, epigenetic, or genetic processes. This step helps provide high-quality starting materials for the characterization of the function, structure, and interactions of the nuclear proteins as well as allowing for various downstream analyses.  

    What used to be done by following a non-standardized protocol of combining various standard lab ingredients has been made quick and easy with the introduction of kits like the EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction kit, which provides all materials necessary for the procedure and takes as little as an hour for the entire process to complete.

    Principle & Procedure
    The EpiQuik™ Nuclear Extraction Kit simply applies our proprietary nuclear protein isolation buffers to cell/tissues. After treatment with pre-lysis and lysis buffers, the nuclear proteins are easily extracted for immediate use or storage at proper conditions.

    Starting Materials & Yield
    A total of 100 standard extractions (using 10^7 cells or 20 mg tissues) can be isolated from mammalian cells or tissue samples with this kit.