Chondrex ELISA Grade Mouse Type II Collagen with 10X Buffer, 0.5 mg/ml x 1 ml
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    Chondrex ELISA Grade Mouse Type II Collagen with 10X Buffer, 0.5 mg/ml x 1 ml

    Product details

    DESCRIPTION: Highly purified type II collagen (treated with 3M guanidine, DEAE-cellulose, and Na2HPO4)

    APPLICATION: Use as an ELISA antigen to detect antibodies specific to mouse type II collagen in sera from experimental animals and humans, such as collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) models and patients with arthritis or other diseases, as well as normal controls to study the diversity of anti-collagen antibodies.

    QUANTITY: 1 ml

    FORM: 0.5 mg/ml solution in 0.05M acetic acid SOURCE: Mouse sternal cartilage 


    PURITY: >99% by SDS-PAGE, free of pepsin and proteoglycans

    USAGE: Chondrex, Inc. recommends diluting this product with cold 1X Collagen Dilution Buffer, (10X Collagen Dilution Buffer, Cat # 9003 as provided with this product), to prevent collagen molecules from aggregating. For plate coating, take aliquots of ELISA grade collagen and dilute them with cold 1X Collagen Dilution Buffer just before use. Do not keep diluted collagen solutions. The optimum collagen concentration to coat ELISA plates is 5 µg/ml, but this may vary based on the assay or type of plate used, such as cell culture plates.

    STORAGE: -20°C. This product is stable in acidic conditions at 4°C for several weeks or at -20°C in the dark for one year as supplied but will gradually form polymeric collagen and degrade under neutral conditions. 

    STABILITY: 1 year

    NOTES: N/A

    REFERENCES: R. Trelstad, et al. Biochemistry 9: 4993-4998 (1970) J. Seyer, et al. Clin. Invest. 59: 241-248 (1977) K. Terato, et al. Arthritis Rheumatism 33: 1493-1500 (1990) K. Terato, et al. Clin. Immunol. Immunopathol. 79: 142-154 (1996)