ActiClean Etox - 5 mL prepacked column
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    ActiClean Etox efficiently removes endotoxins from water, buffers, cell culture media, and protein solutions, including plasma proteins: Albumin, factor VIII, factor IX, IVIG with minimal non-specific binding. The immobilized ligand is non-toxic, and leaching is negligible. ActiClean Etox is easily regenerated for reuse. There is a Drug Master File available with the FDA. Incompatible with heavy metals and DNA.

    Bead MaterialAgarose
    Bead Percentage4%
    Bead Size60-160 µm
    Binding Capacity>20,000 EU/mL
    Flow Rate1>20 mL/min (>680 cm/hr) @ 25oC
    pH Stability22-14
    Storage Temperature2-8o C
    Storage Buffer20% Ethanol
    Chemical Stability21M NaOH, 8M urea, 6M guanidine, ethanol, and common buffers. Incompatible with heavy metals and DNA.
    Physical Stability2Negligible volume variation due to changes in pH or ionic strength.

    1. Linear flow rate = volumetric flow rate (cm3/h)/column cross-sectional area (cm2)

    2. Data refer to the coupled product, provided that the ligand can withstand the pH or chemical environment. Please note the following: pH stability, long term refers to the pH interval where the medium is stable over a long period of time without adverse effects on its subsequent chromatographic performance. pH stability, short term refers to the pH interval for regeneration and cleaning procedures.

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